Northwest Austin
Sam's Town Point
2115 Allred Drive
Austin, TX 78748
United States of America
Floyd Domino and his All-Stars will be performing at Sam's Town Point!  
This will be an indoor concert and the owner has reserved a special seating area for us.  
Floyd Domino is the award winning pianist that performed for our virtual holiday party this past year.  He plays many types of music, but the All-Stars is a diverse Jazz septet he assembled that includes AATW vocalist Emily Gimble and from the traditional jazz world, trumpeter David Jellema, guitarist Brooks Prumo, bassist Bryan Gould, drummer Hal Smith and multi-instrumentalist Lauryn Gould playing the jazz-style tenor saxophone.  
Sam's Town Point is a homey music venue and neighborhood bar that's been serving cold beer and hosting live music since 1981.  It's an Austin institution, yet not widely known about, which has allowed it to keep an "old Austin feel".  It's camoflouged in a wooded neighborhood beyond Slaughter and Manchaca, and if you blink you can miss it but it's well worth the experience it provides.  
Here's a link to a performance by Floyd and his All-Stars.  
Parking: There is a parking lot in front with plenty of spots.  
Cost: $10.00 cover charge.
They offer a full bar and also grilled burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches.  
I am sure we can coordinate a couple of carpools there if anyone is interested.  
Thanks,  Kristin Stephens