Today Nancy Lehmann-Carssow and Raezel Coren Poplawski were working at the Bell House, which Northwest Austin Rotary Club adopted at Pioneer Farms as a monthly service project. The volunteers work in the yard surrounding the house by clearing the unwanted weeds and debris from the flower beds, trimming the trees and bushes, nursing the ailing vegetation back to life, and painting the picket fence a brilliant white. Within the house itself, they have maintained the areas by cleaning up and dusting the furniture and rooms, repairing broken furniture, and decorating the rooms for the holiday season.
They also gave the vegetation a long overdue watering and eliminated many, many more unwanted hackberry upstarts. We hope more volunteers join us in the future to see the fruits (sorry for the pun) of their labor.
Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms is open to the public from Thursday through Sunday and is a great place to schedule a party.