Speaker Date Topic
Michael Ward, Chairman of the Board & CEO Jul 19, 2024
Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farms (Nancy)
Laura Goettsche President (2024-2025) Jul 26, 2024
My Year in Goals and Plans (David)
Amy Temperley, CEO/Owner Aging is Cool Aug 02, 2024
Today’s Active Older Adult (Robert)
K. C. Cerny Aug 09, 2024
Russia changes since war with Ukraine (Paul)
Lee Easter Aug 16, 2024
Trip Report one of two (Tony)
Lee Easter Aug 23, 2024
Trip Report two of two (Tony)
Paul Cato, Communications Manager Aug 30, 2024
Neill-Cochran House Museum, NCHMuseum.org (Robert)
Al White Sep 06, 2024
C-UAS (Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) (Tony)
Scott Rainey Sep 13, 2024
Rotary Polio status (Tony)
Debbie Tam Sep 20, 2024
Fruit sale Kickoff
District Governor Doug Smith Sep 27, 2024
State of District 5870 and Plans for RY 2024-2025 (Laura)