Speaker Date Topic
Friday after Thanksgiving Nov 27, 2020
No Meeting today
Rebecca PiƱon, Natl Wildlife Foundation Dec 04, 2020
Butterfly Migration (Nancy)
Gerald Toner from Louisville, KY Dec 11, 2020
The Christmas Turkeys and Other Misadventures of the Season (David)
Trudy Mrshall Dec 18, 2020
Update on Libraries of Love - David
Christmas Day Dec 25, 2020
No Meeting
New Years Day Jan 01, 2021
No Meeting
Todd Clayton Jan 08, 2021
The Polynesian Navigators and the populating of the Pacific Islands (Bill)
Austin Immigration Attorney Paul Parsons Jan 15, 2021
US Immigration Update (David)
Club Program Jan 22, 2021
Fruit Sale Roundup and Birdcage Breakfast (Jerry)
Jack W. London Jan 29, 2021
The Texas Border Wars (Bill / David)