Speaker Date Topic
Tim Goudge, PhD, UTAustin Aug 14, 2020
"Mars Rover Perseverance, Why I picked the Jezero Crater for our NASA Rover's exploration" Davis
Kelly Smith PhD Clemson University Aug 21, 2020
Societal Impact of finding Life elsewhere in Space [Davis]


Philip Robinson Aug 28, 2020
The Story of Covert Automotive [Bill]
Gregg Philipson Sep 04, 2020
Rube Goldberg's Inventions (Bill)
Steve Welch - Children’s Lighthouse - Cedar Park Sep 11, 2020
The American Childcare Crisis, a Local Perspective
Shannon Johnson-Quaife, Sr. Living Advisors of Aus Sep 18, 2020
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Diseases Update (Bill)
District 5870 Governor Sep 25, 2020
District 5870 report (Easter)
Fruit Sale KickOff Oct 02, 2020